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Issue: #59

On the Edge

In this issue of Turn The Page you can read about products balancing on the edge of succeeding and failing.

Issue: #58

Design across cultures

Turn The Page 58, themed design across cultures, includes an interview with Marcel Wanders and a cover story about the homogeneous world we are heading towards.

Issue: #57

A Digital Future

Dive into the digital future lying ahead, with a cover story about AI, an interview with Richard Hutten and an article on how this generation is shaping the way companies do business.

Issue: #56

Art and design

Is design part of art or engineering? Should I know all about fluid mechanics or learn to draw better? This time in Turn The Page we explore the discussion on what design is.

Issue: #55


Read about kickstarting anything: stories about the start of well known designers, one of Fabrique’s co-founders and a 3D-printed bike.

Issue: #54

Design for the third world

Read about how designers can design for the third world, an interview with Studio Daan Roosengaarde and a feature about ingredients for success.

Issue: #53

Spatial design

Our lives can be very chaotic. Luckily, we live in a country where design helps us stay organised. Want to know how? Read our cover story about organizational and spatial design.

Issue: #52

Creators of greed

As a designer, you may believe that your products eventually will make the world a little bit better than before. However, do we really need this much stuff?

Issue: #51

Active design

In this edition of the Turn The Page, we focus on active design that promotes physical activity and a healthier lifestyle.